Remember that you can donate while you shop!

Just a little reminder that if you shop online, there are several sites where vendors donate a portion of the sale to the charity of your choice -- and of course, there is no better choice than the Georgia SPCA.  Take Kroger, for example.  All you have to do is register your Kroger Rewards card and select the Georgia SPCA as your preferred charity, and we'll get a check each quarter based on a percentage of the grocery bills of everyone who enrolls.  Thus far this year, we've already received over $1,200 from this program.  It costs our supporters nothing beyond the time it takes to enroll once a year, but $1,200 gets 12 animals ready for adoption!  Take a look at our Give While You Shop page to see all the ways you can support the Georgia SPCA while you shop!

Please support our Director and our sweet animals!

Please support Debbie Martin, our new Executive Director, in her effort to help the Georgia SPCA homeless pets! Debbie is participating in the "Rock 'n Roll Savannah" half-marathon on Saturday, Nov 8. We're hoping you'll jump on the rock 'n roll bandwagon and make a contribution in her honor to help our rescues at the shelter. Thanks!

We couldn't survive without your generosity!

Many thanks to these folks for their generous donations:

Chloe celebrated her 14th birthday by requesting donations to the Georgia SPCA.  Members of the Air Force JROTC at North Gwinnett High School collected needed supplies as a special project. The congregation of McKendree UMC in Lawrenceville donated needed items in a supply drive through the church's Animal Ministry. (Contact our terrific volunteer, Brian Helmick, at 770-634-1943 for help in starting a similar program.)

Sit! Stay! Wait! Woof!!

You already know that October is Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog Month, and the Georgia SPCA has some great ones just waiting for their new best friend to come and take them home.  After you've taken your new dog home, it's time to take the next step and provide her (or him) with some basic training.  You want your dog to have good manners so that she can meet new people without knocking them down, or maybe you just want to be able walk your dog on a leash in this glorious Fall weather without having your arm pulled from the socket!  There are other commands that are essential for your dog's safety, including Wait, Stay and Come, and Sit.  You can start right here on the Georgia SPCA website, where you'll find articles on training these specific commands and others.