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We Have Bunnies!

Normally, the Georgia SPCA does not handle animals other than dogs and cats.  However we recently took in some bunnies, 8 of them to be exact from a hoarding case.The adoption cost will be $200.00 for two bunnies. These bunnies need to be adopted in pairs as they are very bonded with each other and actually do better as a pair.  They are all males, except for Spooky (all black one) who is a female. They have all be altered.  If you have questions about adopting a pair of bunnies, please contact


Bun Bun Mufasa Snickers Spooky


Unsure which cat would be the best match for your home? Speak to one of our adoption experts for help finding a good fit. Remember, with our "Paws for Consideration" program, you have seven days to decide if it's a good match. 

Some of us are "Shining Stars" and our adoption fee is only $50, check our descriptions to find out who!