Adopt A Dog

Unsure which dog would be the best match for your home? Speak to one of our adoption experts for help finding a good fit.





How to Pay an Animal's Adoption Fee

To sponsor an animal, go to our Adoptable Dogs page or our Adoptable Cats page.  

  1. Find the animal you'd like to sponsor, and note the adoption fee. (If an adoption fee is not displayed, that animal is already sponsored.)
  2. Click on the big red DONATE button at the top of those pages, and make your donation.
  3. In the field that says: "I want my donation to be dedicated:" tell us who you are sponsoring, i.e., "Fern's adoption fee".  

That's it.  We'll put your name on the animal's cage or kennel and let adopters know that animal is FEE-FREE, and we'll let you know when it is adopted!