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Dr. Mavis McCormick-Rantze graduated in 2003 from the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine. She also has undergraduate degrees in Animal Science and Zoology from the University of Georgia.

Besides small animals, Dr McCormick-Rantze has a strong interest in avian and exotic animals. She lives in Cumming with her husband and their two children, five cats, and two saltwater fish tanks.  Dr. McCormick is the owner of Lanier Animal Hospital, 5700 Cumming Highway, Building B, Sugar Hill, GA  30518.


What Vaccinations Does my Cat Need?

When trying to decide what vaccines to give your cat, it is best to have a discussion with your veterinarian. The big thing to talk about is the type of lifestyle your cat leads. For example, does your cat go outside or is it an inside only cat? If the cat is an “inside only” cat then I determine if the cat has any type of exposure to other cats. I have had issues with “inside only cats” that get to go out on the screened in porch and they talk to the neighbor’s cat or even worse stray cats in the neighborhood.

What do I Need to Know About Dental Health for my Pet?

IT’S FEBURARY!!!! This is a very exciting month in my world of veterinary medicine!! “Why,” you ask???  WELL it is National Dental Month for pets. This means that the veterinary world is trying to focus attention on dental health for our patients!! Dr. Mavis loves dentistry for the furry babies!!! I personally am not very fond of the dentist -- that is really another story – but I can talk to clients about dentistry and do dentals on pets all day long.

Where's the Harm in Letting my Cat go Outside?

When people come into the clinic with their kitties, I am often asked if it is ok to let them go outside.  Well the short answer is “no.” They will live a longer and healthier life inside with you. A lot of owners will say “I had a cat growing up, and it was outside all the time and it lived to 15 years old. Where's the harm?” It's wonderful to hear about a outdoor cat living this long, but knowing what I do now about veterinary medicine, I can assure you that this is not the norm for outside cats.

What is Heartworm Disease and How is it Treated?

This month’s question about heartworm disease is dedicated to Boomer one of the most recent dogs I have treated for the disease. Heartworm disease is actually exactly what it sounds like, worms that live in the heart!! Now, how they get to the heart is an interesting and very long story with a very unfortunate outcome for the animal. Dogs and, actually, cats, can contract heartworms by getting bitten by an infected mosquito.

Can my dog get heat stroke?

The quick answer is “Yes!” Even in late Summer/early Fall. We're in Georgia!! IT IS HOT!!!!!! But the real questions are what is heat stroke and how does my dog get it. The true definition for heat stroke is a form of non-fever hyperthermia (high temperature) that will occur when the body’s heat-dissipating mechanisms cannot function correctly to reduce the excessive external heat.

Why does my cat need regular trips to the vet?

I truly have a great love for cats --  I have 5 of them at home and 2 at my clinic (and that number is down for me). Don’t get me wrong I love dogs too but I have grown up with cats since the day I was born and didn't’t get my first dog until I was near 10. So I think for that reason, cats hold a special place in my heart.  I think for people it is a lot easier to take care of cats (and also to collect them).

How do I know when my pet needs immediate veterinary attention?

This month's question is actually a very serious one for me, as it is sometimes very hard for owners to recognize when their pet requires immediate medical attention. After all, they can't directly tell you how they feel or where it hurts. But in all the years I have been a veterinarian or even a technician, I have learned that if a client thinks it is an emergency, they are likely right. Owners have an uncanny ability to know something is “off” with their pets that can lead to a major, possibly life-threatening, emergency if something is not done quickly. Examples:

Should I be concerned if my dog eats grass?

Spring has sprung and the trees and flowers are blooming and the grass is turning green and growing!!  My favorite time of year is spring.  It is a time of year that is motivating to everyone to get outside and get fresh air and we all want to take our dogs with us.  Dogs just love all the new growth of grass and plants.  They love to run thru the grass, roll in the grass and even eat the grass.  I often get the question from my clients should I be worried if my dog eats grass.

Is it OK to let my cat outside?

I started trying to answer a simple question that had been asked of me:  Is it OK to let my cat outside???  Well anyone that knows me probably will tell you that Dr. Mavis can’t answer anything simply.  I always have too much to say.  Then I thought maybe I can somehow in a roundabout way link cats going outside with the newsletter theme of the month. living with pets.


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