Compassionate Hearts

Sometimes animals come to us sick, injured, and in need of special, sometimes costly, medical attention. Because we are a no-kill shelter, we are committed to doing whatever is necessary to get every animal -- even those who need something extra -- ready to be adopted, and donations to our Compassionate Hearts Fund help to cover the cost of treatment. Won't you help one of these dear animals recover by donating to our Compassionate Hearts Fund


   Lily-Jean was rescued from a very rural, high kill shelter.   She was completely petrified and tried to make herself as small as possible in her kennel.   When we scooped her up, we thought she just needed a little time to feel safe and secure and she’d be adopted in a minute.  Little did we know, something much more serious was going on with this tiny, curly haired girl.  After a visit to two different vets and then a specialist, Lily-Jean was diagnosed with Patent Ductus Arteriosus, or in more simple terms, a hole in her heart that didn’t close at birth.

A Calico Cat Named Sweet Pea Needs Your Help

Here's what rescuer Carmela says about this sweet girl: This calico cat with a sweet and gentle soul was rescued on 11-13-16, just in time to allow the Georgia SPCA to save her life. She was a free roaming cat. Her name would become Sweet Pea without a doubt. She is approximately two+ years old, weighing only four pounds and very sick. She was in respiratory distress.

Koal's New Beginning

This is 2-year-old Koal. He was dumped at a vacant lot in January of 2016. Other stray dogs lived there so we guess that is why his humans left him there. The kind lady who stopped to feed the dogs there knew he was special. He would sit for treats, he would let her spoon feed him, and sometimes, he would let her pet him on the head, but he was too scared to let her catch him.

Sweet Archie is on the Mend!

Archie came to us pitifully thin, and refusing to eat, after being abandoned.  We had him checked out by our vet, and after bloodwork, x-rays, and exploratory surgery, it was found that his intestine was blocked by some string and a rubber band.  The damaged bit of Archie's intestine was removed, along with several foreign objects.  And now --- Archie is on the mend, starting to eat and gain some much-needed weight.


Hello my name is Niblet. I came to the Georgia SPCA in January of 2016 from animal control. I was only a baby and weighed a little over a pound. My ears were infected  and full of ear mites. I also had to be treated for an eye infection because my eyes were crusty and had discharge. After a few days my ears improved but my eyes did not. I developed a serious URI and had to make a trip to the emergency vet because of my breathing issues.

Los Gatitos Con Ojos Malos - the kittens with bad eyes.

On October 11 we took in eight kittens with severe eye problems. The vet thinks they have a herpes virus in their eyes, and several will lose an eye. Your donation will help pay for the extra medical care these poor kittens will need in order to get healthy - once they are, they'll be available for adoption. We're calling these kittens Los Gatitos Con Ojos Malos - the kittens with bad eyes.

The "Candy" litter

These sweet pups were found in a box on the side of the road, and someone brought them to us.  The puppies were infested with worms and had horrible skin infections, in addition to being terribly thin and malnourished.  Now, they are getting healthy, and will soon be ready for adoption!  Here's a video showing Milk Dud and Raisinette shortly after they arrived, and, later, playing like...well, puppies!

Treatment cost: About $500

UPDATE:  Milkdud was adopted on September 29, 2015. 

Please help Boomer complete his journey from the mud to his forever home!

This handsome boy is Boomer – B.B. in another, horrible life. He is an amazing dog, one of the “Griffin Mud Dogs” rescued by Atlanta-area animal rescues. These animals were part of a hoarding situation – 37 dogs who had lived their entire lives outside in cages – in the mud. They had never known love and human companionship.


This 8-month-old retriever mix was found as a stray with a severely infected hind leg. A ligature had been wrapped so tightly around his leg, and for so long, that he lost neurological function in that leg, and it had to be amputated. Domino has been adopted, and is doing well on just three legs. Read the story about the unlikely friendship between Domino and Toby.

Treatment cost: $1,000