Donate Wish List Items

Caring for our rescued animals until they find their forever home is expensive! The rent alone on our facility is over $50,000 each year, so we have a "wish list" of items that are always needed by the Georgia SPCA to directly care for the animals or to help run the Adoption Center. And remember, collecting wish list items makes a great community project for your group!

Click to view and print a PDF version copy of our Wish List to use when you shop.

NEW!  You can now donate items on our Wish List through Amazon!  We have created an Amazon Wish List, so if it is more convenient for you to shop online, you can purchase item(s) on the list and have them delivered directly to the Georgia SPCA.  Most items on our list are eligible for free shipping on orders of $35 or more.   NOTE:  If you purchase through Amazon and you mark your item as a Gift, please complete the free gift card at checkout and give us your name and address so that we can acknowledge your gift.  If you do not fill out the gift card, your information will not show on the packing slip, and we will not know who to thank!