Sponsor A Litter

Occasionally we are able to take in a Momma dog or cat and her babies.  Of course we love rescuing these little families, but our main goal is to get them all adopted into loving forever homes.  It involves substantial expense to get a Mom and all her babies ready to be adopted.  They must all be vaccinated against several common diseases, dewormed, tested and, if necessary, treated for diseases such as heartworm, and spayed or neutered.   We thought some people might want to donate specifically for this purpose, by chipping in a little (or a lot) to make sure these special animals can be offered for adoption as soon as possible.


If you would like to contribute toward getting our litters ready to be adopted into loving homes, you can donate here using our secure server.  Be sure to select that your donation is designated to "Sponsor a Litter."  We will be updating this page with adoption announcements so that you can celebrate with us as each dog, cat, puppy and kitten goes to their new home!


Litters rescued by the Georgia SPCA:

Lots of Puppies to Love

Jade and her kittens

Meet momma Jade, and kittens Jaden, Jalen, Jivi and Jordan, born at foster mom Linda's home on April 7th. They'll be 8 weeks old and available for adoption on June 2nd.

Julie and her pups

Julie, a sweet Shepherd mix, and her 7 pups came to us from a rural animal control shelter.  Awesome foster dad, Erich, gave Julie a much needed bath and took the whole family home with him.  The seven J’s - Justin, Joey, Janie, Jonah, Jillian, Joann and Jolie, will be back at the adopti

Mrs. Ying and her kittens

Mrs. Ying and her little family of four, two-day-old kittens were brought to the Georgia SPCA on Wednesday last week.  As we were trying to get a blood sample from her, Mrs. Ying bolted off the table, through the exam room and an adjacent office and right out an open door into the woods of Suwanee Creek park! It all happened in a flash but several Georgia SPCA staff and volunteers were right behind her.

Snowpea and her pups

Snowpea and her pups were rescued from Toccoa/Stephens County Animal Control the day of the big January storm.  Her pups were born at animal control on 1/24, but now the whole family is safely snuggled up in the home of one of our great fosters, Shannon.  The pups should be ready for adoption around 3/21.  Please consider a donation to our

Abandoned Kittens

Kelly, one of our wonderful volunteers, has stepped up to solve a big problem in a neighborhood near her home. Ebony, Peekaboo, LuluMon, and AnnaMae were abandoned, and left to fend for themselves. Kindhearted Kelly has taken them in, and agreed to foster them until they are adopted.

Cindy and her Pups

Cindy and her pups, Windy, Bindy, Mindy and Lindy, were rescued from Cobb County Animal Control about a week ago.  Mom and pups are now safe in a foster home, where they can stay together til the pups are 8 weeks old.  That'll be about November 13th, so keep your eyes peeled.  They won't last long! Mom is a beautiful terrier, and Dad, well, the kids seem to think he was a beagle.



Eloise and Kittens

Here's Eloise, and her 5 beautiful little babies.  They were born on Wednesday, October 16 in the bed of a pickup truck. The little darlings are now a week old, and living with one of our awesome foster families.  There are three orange tabbies, one dark tortie/tabby and one black with some tabby markings.

Marie and her 11 Puppies

Lots of M&M's here!  Marie and her 11 puppies were recently rescued from Cobb County Animal Control.

Molly and Pups

Molly and pups Kevin, Elena and Lily.  They were rescued from a local animal control when the pups were just 3 weeks old.  They're now 6 weeks old, and will be due back to the center about September 20th, ready to go to their new homes.