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A study conducted by Georgia Voters for Animal Welfare (GVAW) discovered that a shocking number of animals were killed in Georgia in 2007 in county animal control facilities and other shelters.  Overall, 62% of intakes in Gwinnett County alone were euthanized.  As a no-kill shelter, The Georgia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is dedicated to educating adults and children regarding responsible pet ownership and we are committed to developing humane education programs in our schools.  The vast majority of pets we offer for adoption are rescued from euthanasia lists at animal control facilities.

We believe that the fates of the homeless pets of Georgia truly lie in the hands of our children. Their love and commitment to helping animals can be seen at our Adoption Center every day, whether it’s by the donated birthday gifts of an 8 year old, or the Girl Scout troop holding an adoption event at our Adoption Center.

We allow children of all ages to volunteer at our Adoption Center because we know how important it is to nurture a child’s love and responsibility to animals.

We believe an answer to the problem of pet overpopulation and cruelty lies with educating our children, and we are developing a series of one minute Pet of the Week/Responsible Pet Ownership lessons for area schools. They can be shown weekly on morning announcements in your school. A sample can be 

seen at “Pet of the Week for Schools”. The lessons touch on everything from the importance of spay/neutering your pet to how we can work together to eliminate dog fighting and puppy mills in our state. We are looking for people willing to help us develop these videos. We are also looking for schools willing to show the videos on their morning announcements.

We are developing a curriculum based animal welfare education program that we would love to incorporate into the curriculum at your school. We are looking for teachers and school administrators who might be willing to help us achieve our goals.
Over 60% of American families own a pet cat or dog and we believe it is our responsibility to educate our children about the importance of responsible pet ownership.
If you would like to get involved in our Humane Education efforts, please contact us.

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