Foster an Animal

One of Georgia SPCA’s most critical needs is foster homes.

Why should I become a Foster?

When animals are in foster homes, it creates space in the shelter for us to save more animals. If all of our cages and kennels are full, we are not able to bring more animals in. Foster parents help to make the animals adoptable and ready for a forever home! 

Won't I have a hard time bringing the animal/s back?

Once your foster is ready to come back to the Georgia SPCA to be adopted, you have helped save an animal (or multiples) just by opening up your home and taking your time with them. If you continue fostering, you can continuing to help make a difference in other animal's lives! Of course, there's always a chance that you'll completely fall in love! 

Reasons we send animals to foster:

  1. Medical quarantine (required for all animals/ages)-
  2. Age- all kittens/puppies must be at least 8 weeks of age before they can go to spay/neuter and are ready for adoption
  3. Behavior- stressed, fearful, need socialization, etc.
  4. Dog heartworm treatment- requires about 8 weeks of foster care
  5. Unweaned orphans- require bottle feeding
  6. Dog/cat moms and their nursing litters
  7. Pregnant cats/dogs
  8. Illness or injury
  9. Dogs/cats that have just finished nursing- they will need a little time for their milk to dry up before they are spayed and ready for adoption

Animals might be brought in by individuals or other rescue groups and shelters, sometimes they are abandoned animals removed from a local animal control facility, and some come in as the result of a rescue operation.

We like to put newly arrived pets in foster care because they generally recover faster and better from the stress of their situation in a home environment. The length of time required in foster care is usually short, from a week to two months, depending on the animal and the situation.

The Georgia SPCA will supply food, cat litter for cats, crates, potty training pads, toys, medicine, and of course, veterinary care for any animals you foster.

Ready to foster? Fill out the online foster application here!

Must be 18 or older to apply. If you are under 18, you need a parent or guardians permission. Once your application has been received, our foster coordinator will contact you to schedule a home visit. Home Visits are required by the Department of Agriculture for all foster homes. Once the Home Visit and the paperwork is completed, Morgan will work with Foster Families to determine which types of animals would be right for their home. Once you take a foster in to your home, Georgia SPCA staff is here for you 24/7 for any questions or concerns.

Have more questions about what's involved in fostering?   Email


*Please note that we are located in Suwanee, GA*


Sara Castillo and Hunter Faircloth are our Fosters of the Month!

When asked what they love about fostering, here is what Sara and Hunter had to say:

"We love fostering because it helps to save so many lives and we get to have a very active part in that. We love it because we meet so many animals and get to provide a safe place for them to be until they find their forever home. We love participating in that journey. If every able home opened their doors to fostering, the amount of animals euthanized would drastically drop. Fostering has given our home a purpose. It allows us to see how pure animals are and we get to experience the unconditional love and gratitude they have. Plus they bring us so much happiness and it's really fun. It's also hard work though and it's even harder to let go, but when you consider the alternative- them dying alone at a shelter- it's beyond worth it."

Thank you to Sara and Hunter for all you do!