Georgia SPCA Governance & Organization

The Georgia SPCA is an independent 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  We operate under bylaws revised in January 2015.   We receive no public funding, nor are we associated with any other organization, including the ASPCA.  The Georgia SPCA is governed by an unpaid Board that meets monthly. We are proud that 94.8% of monies expended by the Georgia SPCA goes directly to support program goals.  If you have questions or would like to register a concern, feel free to contact the board.

The Georgia SPCA currently has four full-time  positions - Executive Director, Operations Manager, Kennel Operations Manager and Vet Technician.  In addition, there are  part-time hourly workers and numerous volunteers who assist with the day-to-day operations of the Shelter and the organization, the care of our animals and staffing off-site events.  Our 2015 budget totals approximately $852,000.   Each year, our organization files a Form 990 tax return where we report income and expenses.


Key Staff

Jane Lumbatis, Executive Director
Phone: (678) 765-2726
Carrie Ducote, Operations Manager
Marjan Meijer, Veterinary Technician
Greg Bechdol, Dog Kennel Manager
Karen Toms, Cat Kennel Manager
Carol Atwood, Foster Coordinator
Laura Wade, Volunteer and Events Coordinator
Judy Bradberry, Spay/Neuter Coordinator

Our Board Members

Cindy Allen
(Board President)
Rhonda Boyd
Vice President
Jane Everhart
Dr. Zack Mills
Board Member
Laura S. Burton

Anne Heath
Board Member

Louise Galaska
Board Member

Marc Cohen
Board Member

Gina Lanphear
Board Member