Happy Tails

This blog is truly full of "happy tails" -- stories about animals who were rescued by the Georgia SPCA and were adopted into their forever homes. To add your own, click here.

Sweet Finley Hit the Jackpot With a Family Who Dotes on Him!

Hi, my name is Finley Thomas Sleeper. I am a Bichon/Maltese/Jack Russell mix. I was known as Milo, while I was at Georgia SPCA, where the awesome staff nursed me back to health after a car accident. I was adopted by the Sleeper family on October 8, 2017. My dad and my mom (to be) visited me almost every day for 2 weeks before I was adopted.

Bear Found His Perfect Match

Bear's mom said, "Hi, I wanted to pass along an update on Bear! We adopted him 3 months ago. He's a wonderful, happy part of the family now! The first 6 weeks were rough as he did not like to be home alone, but we were consistent with desensitization training and now he can be left alone and seems to have overcome the majority of his anxiety.

Percy Stewart, Doodle Extraordinaire!

We love Happy Tails, and here's a sweet one, as told by Percy's Mom, Tammy:   Percy was adopted by our family and has begun the work of a little Doodle in the mountains of Southwest Virginia!  His days begin with checking the chicken coop for fresh eggs...and he loves the morning dew in the grass.  Next he helps give the ducks their fresh water...he's a gentle soul.
He takes Solomon and Olympia down to the bus stop and then joins his pack of friends (Teddy, Toby, Lucy, Tess, Popo, and Otis) for a long hike in the mountains.  He loves rolling around in dry leaves.  And he loves to swim! He can't pass up a creek or a pond without jumping in!  (He might even jump in the tub with whoever is taking a bath!)

Cisco's in His Forever Home

Doesn't this face make your heart melt? Two-year-old Cisco was an owner surrender. And thank heavens he came to us! He had spent much of his young life locked in a crate and mistreated by the home's young children, who would push his crate down the steps with Cisco in it. Is it any wonder this little guy didn't trust people?

Little Miss Winky

We all love a happy pup-date and here is one on little Miss Winky from her new family :

"Oh my gosh Miss Winky is doing amazing. We are in love and she is in love. She loves to cuddle and play and is so friendly. We can't imagine what it was like before her. She's going on her first vacation next week with all our extended family to the mountains to camp. She'll have a blast and will get so much love."

Sabrina's Story

Sabrina and 14 other cats came to us from a deplorable hoarding situation.  She had never been socialized, and was terrified of everything.  She hid in the bathroom for weeks, not letting anyone touch her, and hissing whenever anyone got close to her. Finally, to get her used to being around people, we moved Sabrina to a cage in the Director's Office, where people were in and out all day.

Cheddar's story

Alysia writes: "We adopted Cheddar 3 weeks ago and we love her so much! She's definitely spoiled! Nap time." Talk about a Happy Tale! This lucky kitten was one of three - her brother was Muenster and her sister was Gouda (we referred to them as "the three cheeses!") Their mother came to us very pregnant at 9 AM one morning, and the cheeses were born at 2 PM the same day.

Piglet (now Cash) Hits the Jackpot!

Just look at that sweet face!   Jason shared this wonderful story: "Three years ago, today, Cash(aka 'Piglet') officially joined our family. He's all grown up, now, and such a blessing. He's a major influence, in our home, and shares his wisdom with June, our female Staffie that we found on the street, last summer. I can't stress enough, how grateful we are to GASPCA, for giving our boy a fighting chance.