Happy Tails

This blog is truly full of "happy tails" -- stories about animals who were rescued by the Georgia SPCA and were adopted into their forever homes. To add your own, click here.

Asia's Story -- A Story of Rescue

Here is Suzanne's beautiful story about her involvement in rescuing a mama cat and her babies, with love and help from many caring people. (Sometimes it DOES take a village!)

"About three years ago, I noticed a small, older house with two other storage houses on a piece of property outside of my subdivision on a very busy road.

Cheddar's story

Alysia writes: "We adopted Cheddar 3 weeks ago and we love her so much! She's definitely spoiled! Nap time." Talk about a Happy Tale! This lucky kitten was one of three - her brother was Muenster and her sister was Gouda (we referred to them as "the three cheeses!") Their mother came to us very pregnant at 9 AM one morning, and the cheeses were born at 2 PM the same day.

Piglet (now Cash) Hits the Jackpot!

Just look at that sweet face!   Jason shared this wonderful story: "Three years ago, today, Cash(aka 'Piglet') officially joined our family. He's all grown up, now, and such a blessing. He's a major influence, in our home, and shares his wisdom with June, our female Staffie that we found on the street, last summer. I can't stress enough, how grateful we are to GASPCA, for giving our boy a fighting chance.

Igloo (now Lily) Finds Love

Marcia writes, "When Igloo first came home with us, she was very apprehensive and nervous about her new home and the weirdos that inhabited it. After some time and lots of love, Igloo, now Lily, has grown to be a confident and loving member of our family. We love our morning coffee snuggle! " 

Pokey (formerly Roger) and Friend

Lauren tells us this happy tail: "We adopted Roger (now Pokey) a few weeks ago, and on the same day adopted Ranger from FurKids. Our family literally spent all day finding the perfect kitties for our family. We put both Roger and Ranger on hold that Saturday and then went home to decide what we would do. We debated only getting one kitty, but my husband finally said "fortune favors the bold...let's get them both!" Boy, was he right.

Winnie's Home!

New dog-mom Elizabeth says, "Winnie is my first fur baby and she holds a very special place in our hearts! Thank you for bringing her into our lives! First day at her new home! " We think lucky, adorable Winnie has converted Elizabeth into a lifelong dog person! 

Mia's Story

Mia's mom says: "Here's Mia. I kept her name after I adopted her in late June of 2013. I saw her story on the Georgia SPCA website while she was being fostered after having her puppies. When I saw she had been taken to the adoption center I went to see her but found she had already been adopted but not yet picked up. I was disappointed, but I was encouraged to leave my phone number by the shelter employees "just in case".

Oliver (formerly Peppermint)

It doesn't get much better than this Happy Tale! Little Peppermint (now Oliver) got a forever home on Christmas Eve a few weeks ago! He's pictured here with his new best buddy, and his mom says he purred the whole evening on his first night in his new home. Doesn't Oliver already look like the king of his castle? That's what we hope for - lucky little guy!

Ivey: She's Been Through a Lot, and Now, She's ADOPTED!

Shortly after the Georgia SPCA took in Ivey's litter, it was discovered that she had mobility problems arising from a deformed vertabrae in her spine that was pinching her spinal cord and restricting movement in her hind legs.  She was a happy, active little dog, even though she had to drag her hindquarters around.

Gidget Finds her Forever Home!

Kathy Hemmings has this to say about the very special dog she has loved and championed while looking for the perfect home for Gidget: "Gidget is a beautiful, smart, sweet, loving, funny, patient and special girl. Her life started out rough and it took 17 months to find her the perfect family that she can call her own but I would not have missed one single second of those 17 months. I am so happy for her and her new family.

Joey's Story

Joey came to the Georgia SPCA in January of 2014 when his owner moved and could not take him along. Joey was a high energy puppy that needed a home where he would be able to get further training and lots of exercise. In March of 2014 Richard and Carla Quinn came along and found Joey at an adoption event being held at PetSmart in John’s Creek. This is what his family had to say about him. :

Hello World! I'm Boomer!

This handsome boy is Boomer – B.B. in another, horrible life. He is an amazing dog, one of the “Griffin Mud Dogs” rescued by Atlanta-area animal rescues. These animals were part of a hoarding situation – 37 dogs who had lived their entire lives outside in cages – in the mud. They ate when food was thrown over the fence to them, and it was every dog for himself. They had never known love and human companionship.