We have lots of cats!

Well, I hadn't planned to do another blog entry so soon, but I had to let you know about sweet Dixie, a wonderful Turkish Van.  One of our employees was at an Animal Control facility recently and Dixie kept reaching through the bars to her, calling to her in a raspy little voice.  This kitty was dirty and flea-bitten and in the throes of a terrible upper respiratory infection, but she was trying to get help!  Carol just couldn't leave her behind.  Now she is getting the meds she needs, and enjoying the sun in her foster home. Her nose is still so stuffy that she's not eating, but we're giving her some high-calorie booster to get her through until her nose is clear.  She's very verbal, and a real lap cat.  You can see from her picture that she's loaded with personality, even though she not feeling well. Stay tuned for the transformation of this little "diamond in the rough."





And another thing:  can you believe we have 7 other Mom cats with litters?  We have a real kitty nursery, and will soon have lots of fluffy little kittens and proud Moms ready for adoption!  More to come!