Where do we get our adoptable pets?

Did you ever wonder where the Georgia SPCA gets the cats and dogs we make available for adoption? Over 100,000 animals are euthanized every year just in Metro-Atlanta in high-kill animal control facilities.  We visit local facilities each week to rescue as many animals as we have room for who are adoptable and have the potential to be a loving and dear companion for a family looking for a pet. Lately, we've been able to rescue several litters. For example, we recently rescued a cat and her kittens from Bartow County Animal Control. No sooner had we agreed to take them than we found they also had a litter of lovely Spaniel puppies and their mom. Couldn't say no...so you can see their pictures on our Sponsor A Litter page. These little families are now safe in foster care, and they will be available for adoption soon. In this case, a wonderful volunteer from Bartow County drove the two litters part way and made the hand-off to us. With that kind of teamwork, we can help so many animals. While it is heartbreaking not to be able to rescue every deserving animal, we are thankful for every one we can save.