Sadie's Place Needs Your Help

There are a lot of ways you can volunteer to help around the Georgia SPCA, but right now we have particular needs for helping us staff our resale boutique.  Please send us an email and help out if you can.  

Many pets get lost around Independence Day!

This week is one the worst for pets getting lost. If YOUR pet is lost, use these tips to help find her: 

Meow, meow, meow! I'm hungry!

Yikes! We currently have 115 kittens 3 months of age and younger - lots of hungry mouths to feed! We could really use some Fancy Feast canned kitten food, Royal Canin Baby Cat food (canned and dry for critical care needs), and gallon-size Ziploc bags. If you could drop these off at the shelter, that would be fantastic. We also have an Amazon Wish List - most orders greater than $35 ship to the shelter for free.