Look what's going on at the Georgia SPCA!

Chumley and his family were on vacation for a couple of weeks, and when we got back, we went to the Georgia SPCA Facebook page to see what we'd missed.  We were blown away by all the activities at the Shelter, everything from Art for the Animals, a Smiling Pets contest, World Spay Day Celebration at Maddio's Pizza, amd Sadie's Online Auction, to name just a few. All of these activities offer you a chance to do something fun AND make a difference to the animals in our care.  All money from these fun events goes straight to the Georgia SPCA to help us rescue more animals, get them ready for adoption, and help them find their forever homes!

Hey there! Look at me!

Just look at Tux!  This handsome kitty looks like he's ready for a big party, with his glossy black coat and snowy white "shirt."  We highlight a cat and dog each week.  This week's cat is Tux, and our featured dog is Kirby, a darling 6-month-old terrier mix.   If you're looking for a new four-legged best friend, or if you know someone who is, please consider these two sweeties who are ready to go home with you.   To find out more about Tux and Kirby, visit our Cat of the Week and Dog of the Week links, and while you're at it, take a look at all of our adoptable animals.

More Power to these Girls...and Many Thanks!

Many thanks to Girl Scout Troop 10818!  They spent a recent Saturday morning painting the Free Roam Kitten Roam at the Shelter.  They also donated tons of homemade cat and dog toys, beds and this very cool bench they made themselves. They spent most of the day painting, and the room looks great. Hooray for Girl Power!  If you'd like to donate your time for a worthwhile project that will help the Georgia SPCA's precious dogs and cats, contact Volunteer Coordinator Laura Wade at 678.765.2726.




Setting the Record Straight!

We are all so caught up in the joy we get in finding homes for neglected and abused animals that it sometimes takes a message like this one we recently received from an angry, albeit misguided, person to make us realize that not everyone understands who we are.  Here's an excerpt from email we received: "You people are something else, commercials on every tv station there is. Just how much money are you taking away from your animals with all the commercials you run daily on every tv station there is. I hope that your doners catch on and drop you like a hot potato."   I assume this person was referring to the commercials that promote the ASPCA, and this is one case where the similarity of our names may cause some confusion.  Maybe there are people you know who have the same misimpression, and it is critical to set the record straight.