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Georgia SPCA offers Low Cost Vaccination and Microchip Clinics twice a month. These services are only available to the public during the assigned clinic dates. Vaccinations and microchips are also available during spay/neuter surgery.

Every pet is different and we recommend consulting with your veterinarian to decide what is right for your furry family member.

Why vaccinate?
Nursing puppies and kittens receive temporary protection from disease from their mother until they are 16-20 weeks old. Typically, puppy and kitten vaccinations start around 6-8 weeks of age with boosters administered every 2-4 weeks until around 16 weeks to minimize vulnerability to infection. Adults generally receive annual boosters thereafter.

Why Microchip?
Without proper identification, 90% of lost pets never get returned home and are either re-homed in shelters or face worse fates. Receiving a microchip is no more painful for your pet than a vaccination, and would help their prompt return if they got lost. Veterinarians and animal control facilities routinely look for microchips in lost pets.