Kennel Volunteer

If you relate more to animals than to people, this volunteer opportunity may be just what the doctor ordered!  Kennel operations at the Georgia SPCA are designed to minimize the risk of disease or infection among our animals. Kennel workers spend their time making the environment for animals in quarantine or awaiting adoption as pleasant as possible.  Kennel volunteers, along with those in the front office, have the opportunity to exercise the dogs in the park across the street from the office.  


What is Required
The most important requirement for a kennel volunteer is to learn the protocols we (and other shelters) use to minimize the likelihood of disease or infection.  This requires being able to handle a range of responsibilities including:

  • Cleaning cages effectively (includes working with bleach)

  • Laundering towels and other fabrics used in caring for animals

  • Feeding cats and dogs according to prescribed protocols

  • Walking and playing with animals

Key here is the ability to remember and follow proper procedures for handling animals.  Ideally a volunteer will be experienced in working with animals, have a love of animals and be able to volunteer one-half day per week or more.  The center is open weekends, so if you are working a regular job and would like to volunteer, we can accomodate your schedule.  This is an activity that families might consider doing as a family volunteer project.

My Kennel Experience 
"I never realized how important it was to follow proper kennel procedures.  But when you think about all the animals that are at risk if you mess up, then it helps you understand why certain rules exist.  As a young person, I love animals and enjoy seeing them when I come after school."
I want to Help!

To sign up as a kennel volunteer, please contact us and select the category "Kennel Volunteer".  Thank you.