Offsite Adoption Volunteer

The Georgia SPCA, with the support of PetSmart, operates offsite adoptions each weekend at the Johns Creek, Flowery Branch, and Norcross (Peachtree Corners) locations of PetSmart. By having adoptions at alternate locations, the Georgia SPCA is able to reach more people who might be interested in rescuing an animal.  The more volunteers we have helping at offsite adoption locations, the more animals we will be able to rescue.  We also house cats at the PetSmart Norcross (Peachtree Corners) location that are available for adoption seven days a week during regular store hours.

What is Required
Offsite adoptions generally run on weekends from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m.  If you are 16 years old or older and would like to support our activities by working with us you should expect to donate five hours once every week or two.  While we appreciate any support you can offer, consistency of schedule is highly valued by us as we do not have full-time staff working to coordinate offsite adoption.   If you have a large car or van that could be used to transport our animals (which will be in cages during transport), that would be highly desirable.  You should expect initially to work with an experienced volunteer who can provide you with the necessary training to help the public with animal adoption.  
*If you operate a store or work in a location that is in a different part of the metro area and would like to host one or a series of adoption events at your facility, please contact us.
My Work Experience
"By spending five hours a month working on offsite adoption, I have personally been responsible for rescuing any number of animals who would otherwise have been killed in a shelter.  This provides me with a great feeling as well as knowing that I've saved an animal and have made a family very happy."
I Want to Help

Sign up here to help with adoptions at PetSmart Flowery Branch.

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Sign up here to help with adoptions at PetSmart Norcross (Peachtree Corners).

Sign up here to help with adoptions at PetSmart Duluth (Gwinnett Place Mall).

For more information about offsite event volunteering, please contact us and select the category "Offsite Adoption Volunteer".  Thank you.