Vaccination Clinic Volunteer

Our low-cost vaccination clinics are among the most popular activities at the Georgia SPCA.  We generally hold two clinics each month where members of the public, regardless of income, can bring their pets to receive vaccinations, testing, microchipping, and other wellness services.  This public interaction also provides us the opportunity to stress the importance of spay/neuter and provide information concerning responsible pet ownership.  It is not unusual for us to vaccinate 100 or more animals during a clinic which runs between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. - generally on Saturdays, twice a month.  Currently all clincs are at our center, however we plan in the future to expand our activities to include offsite clinics as funding becomes available.
What is Required
There are many different jobs at the vaccination clinics that accomodate all ranges of skills and ages.  Because of limited parking availability at the center, we need traffic control volunteers to be in the lots ensuring that our neighboring businesses are not inconvenienced by the people coming to our clinics.  Inside the clinic, we need volunteers who can assist pet owners in determining what vaccines their pets require.  We also need volunteers who will work with our veterinarians and vet techs to help prepare vaccine for injections.  In addition, we operate a small snack bar and sell items to raise funds for shelter operations.  Finally, we have more experienced volunteers who accept payment from the public for the procedures they have selected.  Each of these jobs entails somewhat different skills, but all require interaction with the public at some level. (Appropriate training is provided for each task.)
Because of the frequency of these events, it would be desirable if a volunteer could work one day a month or more.  
My Experience as a Vaccination Clinic Volunteer 
"My interests lie along the lines of helping people understand the importance of animal health and well-being.  I feel like meeting and talking with folks at the vaccination clinics gives me an opportunity to meet new people, to tell them how wonderful their pets are, and to help them help their pets live healthier and happier lives."
I want to Help!

To sign up as a veterinary clinic volunteer, please contact us and select the category "Vaccination Clinic volunteer", or you can sign up here.  Thank you.